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Grassfield High Senior Prom

Tis the season for prom! Every weekend for the past month you see prom postings all over social media from state to state! This weekend was the Junior and Senior prom for the Hampton Roads area. Dress shops, flower shops, limo services, hair and nail salons are busy as ever! It's a grand occasion for high school students!

Donna met Gage in one of her classes last year at Grassfield High School. The two began to talk and quickly became friends. With Gage's big blue eyes and Donna's exotic looks its no surprise the two soon started dating! They were each other's dates last year for Donna's Junior Prom and Gage's Senior Prom.

Gage just completed his first year of college at James Madison University. Fortunately, he was home just in time with summer break to attend Donna's Senior Prom this year. Donna will be attending James Madison University in the fall.

Such a good looking couple with great chemistry! It was so much fun photographing these two! Donna looked stunning in her two piece floral dress. Gage was so handsome with his pink vest and tie to compliment the colors of her dress! Picture perfect!

Wishing Gage & Donna a wonderful summer and a bright future!

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