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The Kuczmanski Family

Hummingbird Macarons is a boutique style bakery located in the West Freemason Street area of the historic district of Norfolk,Virginia.

Hummingbird's is known for creating treats for life's magnificent occasions! Everything is made from scratch with the finest quality ingredients! I had the salted caramel macaron.

Oh so delicious!

The bakery was decorated beautifully with the flavor of the holidays! I knew this was the perfect area to meet up with my gorgeous family for their session!

With Pawl being in the Navy and Alicia being a flight attendant, the pair make a very adventurous couple! At the beginning of their relationship, they travelled alot. Doing things like sky diving and scary hikes were no big deal for them, but now since having the girls they more cautious with their adventure choices! Pawl and Alicia are on the ultimate adventure now - being parents! They have two beautiful daughters Ava and Ivy! The girls were so spunky and animated during the session! They love to dance! Such a good looking family and so fun to work with!

We used a weekday afternoon stroll through the city as a great opportunity to capture some amazing images of The Kuczmanski Family! Gather up your family and let's meet somewhere fun to capture some precious memories this holiday season!

Love is meant to be an adventure!

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