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Countdown to Homecoming Month 2

Anyone who has ever experienced a deployment knows that during the second month, the intensity gets turned up! Not only are you missing your loved one, but on top of it all, "things" start happening and your other half isn't around to help! Sickness, appliances break, the car starts acting up, flat tires, locking keys in the car, and perhaps the drain gets clogged! Oh yeah, what about the poor pets? They don't understand what's going on and all they want to know is - 'where's my owner'?

Our family cat is so attached to my husband, she follows him around wherever he goes. When he's at his desk, she lays right on top the desk next to the keyboard swaying her tail back and forth while he works. When he went on his last deployment, after she realized he was gone a while, she would sit at the doorway and just stare into the office. Her new spot to sleep wound up being his desk chair. She associated her relationship with my husband with the office, which became her sanctuary where she hung out during the deployment.

Pets too feel the effects of their loved ones missing! How can you explain to them whats going on? You can't! They need lots of love and affection during this time!

Bentley is waiting for his human to return! He roams around the house looking and sniffing trying to find him! He misses his owner Cody!

During the second month of the deployment, Shelby wound up getting the flu which is rapidly going around right now! Her dog Bentley, was the only one around to keep her company while she was home sick in bed! She also started a new job as an assistant for a photography studio. Photography is something she loves to do and is excited to learn more about her craft with this new position. She's trying to keep herself as busy as she can, focusing on her schedule and creating a routine.

Please join us for her "Countdown to Homecoming Month 3" and check on Shelby & Bentley, how they are dealing with separation that comes with a military deployment.

Pray for those in the military and those who serve our country that the return home safe!

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