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Making of a Maurer - Wedding

Mike made it very clear - he loves the water. Whether its boating, fishing, or swimming, being by the water brings back wonderful memories and makes him feel relaxed. His one request for his wedding venue definitely needed to be near the water. Once he and Hillary toured Ocean Pines Yacht Club in Ocean City, Maryland, with its skyline view of Ocean City, and overlooking the Isle of Wight Bay, he knew this was the right place!

Ocean Pines Yacht Club offers a stunning ballroom and deck, perfect for a wedding reception and cocktail hour. The food was delicious and the staff was amazing! The weather had us a little concerned, being a bit windy and overcast, but luckily the rain held off. What a beautiful day to celebrate! Friends and family had a great time eating, drinking and dancing the night away.

The whole process working with Mike and Hillary was nothing short of amazing! They are a great couple, so in love and supportive of each other. And you gotta love that purple hair! Here's a small story with a few incredible images captured from Mike and Hillary's wedding.

Wishing Mike and Hillary a future filled with love and happiness!

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