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Keith & Dia - Engagement Session

Keith and Dia met in Philadelphia on a night out in the city. They were introduced to each other by mutual friends. Their chemistry was so intense that Keith was bold enough to tell Dia that very same night he was someday going to marry her. Of course Dia thought he was crazy! Now here they are a few years later, crazy in love, with a wedding set for October!

Spades is a card game both Keith and Dia enjoy playing together, which always seems to turn into a "friendly" banter when playing with their family and friends. They have lots of laughs and good times.

This beautiful couple have set goals to travel in the near future. Two dream locations they would love to visit after the pandemic settles down would be Greece and Bali, Indonesia.

Here's just a few of my favorite images captured from Keith and Dia's engagement session. Their connection is real and they have unbelievable chemistry. Wishing this gorgeous couple nothing but peace, love and happiness in their future together! Super excited to be part of their October wedding!

Real Love

Ridiculous, Consuming



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