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Nigel & Shay Engagement

Nigel and Shay met one night at a party that neither one of them wanted to attend. Even up to the last few minutes they were each, separately, trying to avoid going at all. Their friends were persistent. Destiny was awaiting. Who knows where they would be if that night had gone differently!

Shay secretly planned their first overnight trip to visit the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Unknowingly, Nigel was planning the same trip. They often surprise each other how much they think alike! Now they consider Baltimore Inner Harbor their special place and visit frequently.

Nigel and Shay picked their wedding date for September 27th, 2020, which will be exactly five years since they met (at the party)! On September 27th, 2015. They are in the process of planning their wedding at Maple Dale Country Club in Dover, Delaware.

This amazing couple has great energy, a magnetic attraction for one another and were in total sync during our session together. I am super excited and honored to be a part of Nigel and Shay's big day!

True Love

~is the~

Greatest Adventure

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