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Brett & Sarah Engagement Session

This romance is a swipe to the right that has gone completely right. Brett and Sarah matched on Tinder. Brett claims he sent her an irresistible one liner ad that was the hook and sinker! They have been together for two years and bring out the best in each other. He calms her down, she spices him up. Their chemistry is insane!

Sarah is definitely a member of the "hot mom" club. She is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Ava 16 and Chase 13. Sarah admits when Brett first came into the picture several years ago, the children had a hard time adjusting to the relationship. They were a trio for so long. Over the years, Brett has developed a closeness and a bond with the children. He went from being the guy who drove down to drink and party to the man who won over all of their hearts. "And here we is" is a fun quote Brett used when he proposed to Sarah to describe their family dynamic, which has now become a family joke.

Brett loves his motorcycle, is a huge Batman fan, and loves to embarrass Sarah by singing songs from Grease, his all time favorite movie. Sarah's cats "Big Cat" and "Little Cat" mean the world to her. She appreciates Brett getting along with them even though he's a dog kinda guy.

Brett and Sarah are currently planning their October 2020 wedding. We recently met up in Philadelphia, stopping at various places to capture some amazing images of this incredible couple to celebrate their engagement. Wishing these two nothing but love and happiness in their future adventures together!

"And here we is"

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