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High School Senior Session

If you are the mother of a high school senior, this senior year takes those “My baby is all grown up!” mixed emotions to an entirely new level. This season in their lives has always seemed so far away! One minute you're registering for kindergarten! Now you find yourself making preparations for proms, graduation parties, invitations to the ceremony then before you know it... dun dun dun ....they head off to college!

My daughter is heading off to college, University of Central Florida, in the fall. Just the thought of it makes me ill! Whereas I'm excited for her to embark on this new adventure in her life, through the fake smile is the frazzled nerve-wracked mother trying to put on the brakes!

LJ or "Little Joe", named after his father, is a senior at Hickory High School in Chesapeake, VA. He's tall and handsome and not so "little" anymore! Very well mannered and super smart, LJ heads off to college in the fall to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona.

The number one reaction from the parents when they see their senior's gallery is "Wow, that's my child?" The disbelief that this attractive, fit, stealth person you are staring at in these photos is your baby! From the smiling shots that scream "There's my little boy!" to the sexy stare down making the parents question "When did he become such a man?"

Book a senior session with me today! Let's capture your "Senior" in some amazing shots! Great for graduation invitations!

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