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Because of the brave...

There's a quote regarding military couples "It's true, we don't have it as easy as ordinary couples, but this is no ordinary love." That quote had always been dear to my heart because it's so true. Military couples deal with the ordinary demands of everyday stress in relationships, in addition to the extraordinary demands of the military's needs.

Candice and Jonathan went to to school together in Chalmette, LA. After graduating, Jonathan joined the Navy in September 2001. Candice has been right by his side during his military journey. Today they have 3 beautiful daughters Lexi, Sophia and Olivia. They have extraordinary love and support for each other!

We met for a family session before Johnathan heads out on deployment. We wanted to capture the city of Norfolk where he is stationed, as well as incorporate the American Flag to represent the love for his country and to protect the family he loves.

Johnathan spent a moment with each of his daughters and his wife. It was so sweet to see them interact with each other. These ladies are tough! They will band together and do what it takes, like they've done many times before, to ride the waves of this deployment. Together they will be waiting on the pier for dad to return on homecoming day.

Pray for our country, our military, and those who are deployed who sacrifice their lives to keep us safe!

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