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Shelby's Deployment Countdown Month 3 & 4

Month 3 of the deployment was the toughest yet for Shelby. She started off the month with the flu that lasted about 2 weeks. Then a fun trip back home to South Carolina got extended due to a death in the family. The loneliness during times of trouble is unbearable for those going through a deployment. More than ever you crave to have your loved one by your side to lean on for strength.

Shelby finds comfort in keeping a journal. Studies have shown that the emotional release from journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces better sleep. Every night she writes to Cody to telI him about how she's feeling, what she did that day or any upcoming events she has planned. Journaling helps Shelby stay focused during a situation she still doesn't fully understand, since this is her first experience with a deployment.

Due to time constraints and those unfortunate events that occurred, we weren't able to meet for our Month 3 visit. I was glad to meet up with Shelby for Month 4. She's counting down the days until Cody's return! Since her and Cody are celebrating birthdays this month, she put together a patriotic cake to celebrate for the both of them.

Please continue to follow Shelby's story each month! Here's a few pix from our visit!

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