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Kim & Neal - Maternity Session

Whenever I have a maternity session, I correspond with the mother as far as what to bring to the session to use for props, such as the ultrasound picture, any articles of clothing or booties, or whatever items that have special meaning to represent the baby.

On the day of the session, Neal and Kim were going through the items to show me what they brought to use, a crocheted blanket, a monogrammed bible, a cute pink pair of Converse, and a pine cone.

I thought, hmmm, that's different....a pine cone?

Neal and Kim are high school sweethearts and have been married for 13 years. Ten years ago, they wanted to start a family, as would any young couple newly married and in love wants to do. They didn't realize how difficult that goal would be to reach for them. Surgeries, treatments, IVF cycles, miscarriages lead to so much disappointment, heartache and tears. In times of difficulty and loss we start to question ourselves, how is this so easy for everyone else, yet so hard for us?

During this 10 year period of waiting, Kim had a dream that she was walking around outside, found a pine cone and picked it up and as a result became pregnant. Hiking was something Neal and Kim did together for comfort and was part of their healing process from their losses. Being out in nature and hiking provided peace for their pain. There they would pray, asking for hope and guidance. She always felt the dream was a message. Please, God...

Their patience was running thin, Kim & Neal were questioning whether to continue this or give up, when Kim was visiting with her two year old niece. They were walking outside and her niece ran up to her and handed her a pine cone. Again, is this another sign? This small unexpected gesture gave Kim hope to continue her treatments.

After a long journey, they received the news they have been wanting to hear! Finally...success!

Neal & Kim are expecting their first child, Gwendolyn Rose, in June. The excitement is running high in anticipation of meeting this precious little girl. Watching Kim & Neal interact during our session was a beautiful site. Their natural movements in the poses were those of loving and appreciative parents. Neal was so attentive to his wife and her belly. He's going to be a great dad!

I was so touched when I picked up the ultrasound picture of Gwendolyn Rose, seeing her smiling, my heart just melted! She's just as excited to see her parents! Of course hearing their story, the pine cone made complete sense! We chose a beautiful garden filled with greenery and growth for our setting.

These blogs and posts are here to share heartfelt stories and experiences.

Not only am I your photographer, I am your cheerleader. I want you to win, always.

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