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Shelby Holt Month 6- Homecoming Day!

A torrential downpour wasn't going to stop Shelby from arriving to the air terminal! She showed up highly excited to be joyfully reunited with her sweetie! Her first experience with the long deployment is finally over!

Shelby was thrilled to find out that Cody was selected to be part of a duty section sent home ahead of the ship's arrival. He will enjoy some leave, then stand duty for those returning on the scheduled homecoming day.

The nervous excitement was intensifying while waiting for each military member to clear customs. Shelby was constantly checking her cell phone for any communication with Cody! One at a time, we watched the strong emotions of families reuniting! Strong hugs, lots of laughter, huge smiles and teary eyes were spread rampant across the terminal!

Shelby was overwhelmed with tears of joy when finally saw Cody come through the gate. Mission accomplished! Cheers to a job well done!

Welcome Home!

A big THANK YOU to our military members for all you do!

Keep up the good work! Praying for you always!

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