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The Brown Family Beach Session

The "back to school" buzz is in the air! Once the month of August arrives everywhere you go all you see is back to school sales and school supplies! Some stores even have holiday decor on display! Boy oh boy summer is flying by!

By mid-August the college students start heading back after a fun filled summer.

Jenni wanted a family session before her son Micah heads back to college.

Between the demands of his athletic and academic schedules, Micah will be a very busy senior this year. With Jenni's other 2 boys, Brett and Lance, who are going into 3rd and 6th grade, there's no better time than now to capture some great images with the family!

These are just a few of the beautiful images captured of Jenni and her wonderful family.

Before school starts, and the weather gets chilly, consider booking a family beach session!

Contact Fox Photography LLC for more details!

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