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Panhellenic Recruitment 2017 - University of Central Florida

"Rush Week" is known in the college world as recruitment week for fraternities and sororities to recruit new students to their Greek letter organizations.

During rush, fraternities and sororities have slightly different practices, including food and fun events, but they all involve students getting to know more about Greek life.

Recruitment usually takes place the week before fall classes begin.

Makaila, Caitlin, Taylor and Karly are college roommates this year at the University of Central Florida. They had a fun time unpacking and decorating their rooms, and were ready for a night out in their new city. All four participated in rush week and are part of four different chapters. Each of them are looking forward to creating lasting friendships and forming a "sisterhood" not only with each other, but their sororities.

Wishing these beautiful ladies a wonderful year at college and beyond!

Being part of a sisterhood means never being alone!

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