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John - Senior Session at Fort Story

John is a tall, handsome, very polite, and highly intelligent young man. He loves to drink coffee (me too!) Having an unquenchable passion for music, John is a talented musician and can play many instruments, especially his guitar. While in high school, John was in the drumline and his team spent the majority of time in first place during competitions. Even though he has many friends, John is always looking for new people to jam with who can share his passion for music!

After graduating in June of 2017 from Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, VA, John's goal is to become a certified and licensed electrician. He currently works as a salesman and technician for his family business, Family Security. He felt since graduation had already passed, it was too late for senior portraits.

With his love of nature, the beach, and surfing, we met up at Fort Story Beach to capture some amazing images. Since it was right after a long work day, we decided to meet up again in the near future for a session including his instruments.

With many of the graduation events that take place leading up to the actual ceremony, sometimes everything does not get accomplished. In this case, John was unable to complete his senior portraits prior to graduation and in order to complete his journey we were able to capture his personality at the end of summer/beginning of fall.

It's never to late to capture and preserve your memories. Contact Fox Photography LLC for more information.

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