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Puppy Love! Austin & Sydney

All you need is love...and a dog!

While on a recent deployment, one of the port visits gave Austin the opportunity to visit London, England. After some sight seeing, he and some of his buddies went to a casino where he won some money! Austin saved the money specifically for when he returned home, he and his fiancé Sydney had plans to adopt a puppy! Austin and Sydney will be getting married in November. To start their new journey together as husband and wife, they wanted to make their new home complete with a fur baby!

Two days after, he returned from the deployment, Austin & Sydney adopted their spunky, puppy and named her London, of course! Being a native from the big state of Texas (where they like all things "big" apparently!) Austin wanted a "big" dog! She's going to be a large dog alright, being an Anatolian and Alaskan malamute mix!

It was a pleasure to meet up with all three of them at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market. London loves to steal the show everywhere she goes! No one can resist a cute puppy!

Glad to see Sydney & Austin reunited, happy and in love! Such a cute little family!

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