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Law Office of Jeff S. Howell, Jr

Affordable legal solutions for the small business!

The Law Office of Jeff S. Howell, Jr. provides affordable legal solutions for the small business.

Being a third generation of small businessmen, Jeff grew up learning quality work ethics and essential customer service skills from working with his father and grandfather. Growing up with this experience taught Jeff how vital it is to have proper legal representation with the challenges faced by small businesses. Jeff's practice philosophy is focused on preventing costly problems before they happen in areas such as marketing, sales, staffing, etc. A brief consultation can determine what your business' legal needs are. It's best to leave the complicated matters to the experts! Call today for a free consultation!

Jeff proudly holds up a photo of his father, holding a photo of his father, who were both small business owners. He is carrying on the tradition of successful small businessmen and representing his family with pride.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and his legal assistant, Kelli, outside the courthouse and got to see them in action at the office to capture some amazing images.They both are extremely experienced, dedicated, and knowledgable in their field. Together they make a great team and put their heart and soul into serving their clients!

Law Office of Jeff S. Howell, Jr.

Jeff S. Howell, Jr. Esq.

Attorney at Law

Office: (757) 227-5030

Mobile: (757) 714-0780

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