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Dollworks Jax

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the work of various doll makers from Dollworks Jax, located in Jacksonville, Florida. They are a doll making group that meets once a month to connect, create and collaborate ideas. Most members have been making dolls for many years, and a few of the members have had their works featured in doll magazines and books.

When I showed up for the session to photograph their dolls, the ladies surprised me with my very own doll, created in mind with details of my photography business. I was in total shock at the attention to detail they captured in the design. My doll is a black haired, steam punk themed maiden dressed for a fox trot, holding her camera, winking her eye (I have a winking fox in my logo) and focusing her other eye through the monocular. She has a fox emblem on her hat which is trimmed in film. This doll was hand made and assembled by the creative mind of Juanelle Strickland Marshall, an extremely talented seamstress, upholsterer and dollmaker, presented to me on behalf of these talented ladies of Dollworks Jax. What an amazing gift I will cherish forever!

Dolls are known as the oldest known toy. People at any age love dolls! Dollmakers put so much creativity, imagination and excellence in the craftsmanship of the fabrication of each doll! The details are truly amazing! Each piece tells a story! These images below are a few of the artistic designs created by Dollworks Jax.

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