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When you play your cards right...

"We're going to be sisters!" Mila and Aria were so excited during our family session because they had wonderful news to share! Aria's dad, Jagger, proposed to Mila's mom, Sam! This super attractive couple is tying the knot, making their family complete!

On their first date, Sam & Jagger stayed up late, talking and playing cards. They hit it off so well, they went on a second date the next day. They have been pretty much inseparable ever since! With the same deck of cards they used on their first date, at the same table, almost 2 years later, Jagger proposed to Sam! She is the Queen of his Heart! After a long year of being a bridesmaid in many of her friends weddings, Sam finally gets to be the bride! And a gorgeous bride she will be!

Ecstatic of the news, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of the newly engaged couple! Getting to meet Sam earlier this year has been a pleasure! She has been a blessing in my life and we have worked together on several projects! I love seeing her happy and her dreams coming true! Jagger is a great father and will take good care of his house full of beautiful ladies!

Wishing Jagger, Sam, Mila and Aria much happiness & blessings in their future!

You're the King! Baby, I'm your Queen!

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