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The Schwarting Family

After an old college friend, who was working in China during the summer at a special needs camp, posted a picture of "Jace" on Facebook in the hopes to find a family interested in adopting him, Rachel felt an instant connection to the little boy in the picture. The photo immediately caught her attention because she saw some interesting similarities between Yin Gang, Jace's official name, and her own son Noah. Despite them being Chinese and American, she felt Jace and her son could be twins! With their hearts and arms wide open, Rachel and her husband Michael felt it was the right thing to do, that their family was being drawn to this beautiful little boy in need, to press forward with the adoption of Jace. After almost 2 years of deep prayer, alot of patience, and tons of paperwork, the Schwarting family was finally given the "green light" and are currently waiting for the immigration approval. They are hoping to pick up their son, Jace Yin Gang Schwarting, sometime between March-May of 2018.

A little about Jace's history, Yin Gang specifically, which means "strong", "rigid", "unyielding". This little fellow has definitely proven he is strong and courageous! He was abandoned at 2 months old and put into an orphanage. Having no information, he was more than likely abandoned because of his disabilities. Jace was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, known as "water on the brain" and has right ear atresia- his ear did not fully form and he is deaf in that ear. He was placed in a foster home about 4 years ago, and has been there since. Not letting his past or his disabilities define him, Jace has such a big smile and holds up the peace sign in his photograph. He's speaking to his future, which is out there waiting for him, which will bring love, peace and prosperity!

Photographs have much power. It was a photograph, the one this gorgeous family brought to the session, that changed their lives, and Jace's for the better. The Schwarting family wanted to include Jace, his framed photograph, with his bright eyes and big smile, in their family session. Michael and Rachel are fantastic people and are blessed with 4 beautiful children. Jace will be a great addition to this family!

Here are a few images from our incredible session at Fort Story in Virginia Beach, VA.

Wishing the Schwarting family many blessings in their future! Praying for Jace, that he is united with his family as soon as possible! So thrilled for this family and cannot wait to meet Jace!

Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God will be with you where ever you go! Joshua 1:9

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