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Rylee's Watermelon Smash

A popular trend developing over the past few years is a "cake smash". A new birthday party feature in which a one year old is served a cake and adorably begins to eat, or hopefully destroys, the cake while family and friends are watching. It's a great opportunity for parents to be creative, get a good laugh and capture memorable images of their toddler being messy! (Great material to frame them with when they're teenagers!)

The creative options have become endless for cake smash sessions! As for Rylee, her mom Samantha came up with a cute theme for her birthday smash using a watermelon instead of a cake. The watermelons provided a vibrant color palette having shades of pink and green. When combined with the wooden stand and white barn they all made a great setting for the photo shoot.

Once Rylee got a taste of the fresh and juicy watermelon, she dove right in! She was such a good sport! She smiled, laughed and clapped the whole session! Such a sweet little girl!

Happy Birthday Rylee! You're definitely one in a million... I mean melon!

You're One in a Melon!

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