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Tanner & Katriana Sunflower Session

Advice from a Sunflower:

-Be bright, sunny & positive

- Spread seeds of happiness

-Rise, shine & hold your head high!

Sunflowers, or Helianthus, get their name from two words "helia" meaning "sun" and "anthus" meaning flower. Sunflowers follow the movement of the sun from east to west, which is known as heliotropism. People are drawn to the vibrance and energy of sunflower fields. Standing in a field of sunflowers is literally like standing in a field of happiness.

Tanner & Katriana interacting in the sunflower field was a sight to behold! With the warmth, abundance and longevity that sunflowers portray it was a perfect location for this gorgeous couple to capture romantic images for them to cherish!

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