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Marisa & Jeff Engagement

As much as they may have annoyed you when you were younger, there are so many benefits to having a sibling. Whether you're making fun of your parents, or just need someone to vent to, you can pretty much always count on your siblings to be there when you need a helping hand. One of the great benefits for Jeff, having a younger sister, was that she would bring home some of her pretty friends to hang out, which one in particular caught his eye!

Jeff was definitely interested in asking Marisa out on a date. Out of respect, Jeff confided in his mother for advice and asked his sister Julia first if it would be okay. Obviously this wound up being a great idea for everyone because now, after two years of dating, this amazing couple is tying the knot! Jeff and Marisa got engaged in August and are planning their spring wedding in May 2019!

Together is a beautiful place to be, and Jeff and Marisa love being together! So excited for this wonderful couple on their future adventure! Here's just a few images we captured from Jeff and Marisa's engagement session!

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