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Jenna & Jason Engagement

My favorite genre to shoot is definitely engagement sessions! Capturing the intensity, energy, and romance between each couple is quite entertaining. Every couple has their special love story on how they met, each one being unique and intriguing. I LOVE not only photographing, but hearing all about it!

By day, Jenna owns a salon and is a lead stylist at J La Salon & Spa, located in Dover, Delaware. At night, she is a lead singer in a cover band called The Cover UPS. This super talented young lady stays very busy! Jenna is going to make one beautiful bride!

What can be more romantic than the lead singer of a band falling in love with the band's guitarist? Jason is a sales manager for Brightside, a home exterior company. He's handsome, comical, and can definitely rock it out while performing. Jason was super snuggly with Jenna during the session. These two definitely have amazing chemistry. You can sense their attraction to each other!

One night, at an after party, Jenna & Jason had their first kiss against the brick wall on the porch of the gorgeous home of Darin & Rob, mutual friends of this steamy couple. This magnificent property is located in the historical part of Downtown Dover. It has been featured in publications for its beauty and design. The perfect location to reenact their kiss!

Your voice is music to my ears, your smile is beauty to my eyes

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