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Mr & Mrs Blehm

Jagger and Samantha had a beautiful outdoor wedding on a gorgeous property owned by Sam's parents in Suffolk, VA. After down pouring all day, causing weather delays, the rain finally stopped moments before the ceremony was about to begin.

Being huge Harry Potter fans, the couple wanted to incorporate details in their ceremony such as Sam's bridal socks, the wedding ring box, their wedding vow presentation and the cake topper "Always".

Here are just a few of the incredible images captured from Samantha and Jagger's autumnal October wedding telling us a story of their beautiful day.

Jagger & Samantha are stepping into the night and are pursuing that flighty temptress, adventure! Wishing them the best in their future endeavors!

Snape replied “always” which meant that all that he did till now was for his unrequited love, and that he would continue doing so till his last breath...

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