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Brian & Sam Engagement

The burning love between this sizzling couple has been pretty hot from the start! Samantha's friend wanted to introduce her to her friend Brian, a handsome firefighter in New Jersey. As the meeting between the two was about to take place, Brian's station was called out for a house fire on Paris Avenue. The girls decided to follow along. Fresh after finishing up putting out the fire, Brian still decked out in his fire fighting gear, he and Samantha were introduced. Another fire started, this time in her heart!

Ever since that day, which was seven years ago, these animal lovers have been inseparable! Brian and Samantha live together with their three rescued pitbulls, King, Daisey and Duke. They also have a blue and gold macaw named Tango, as well as a sun conure named Geno.

For rest and relaxation, this awesome couple loves to go on Caribbean cruises when they can squeeze them into their busy schedules. With highly stressful careers, Samantha, a 9-1-1 dispatcher and Brian ,not only a fire fighter, but a heavy equipment diesel mechanic, these two definitely love to hide in the middle of the ocean to get away from it all. It was on a recent cruise in August when Brian asked Samantha to marry him at the front of the ship at sunset.

A huge crowd watched and cheered them on. Brian's parents were there not only to witness, but captured the whole thing on video. So romantic!

Brian and Samantha wanted to do their engagement session in the city. They frequently take the Ben Franklin Bridge from New Jersey right into Olde City Philadelphia, which is a very popular area for photography. We captured many great images of this incredible couple! So excited to work with them again with their October 2020 wedding!

The only fire he can't put out is the one he started in my heart!

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