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Family Holiday Session

At this time of year, parks and woodsy areas are flooded with photographers taking holiday photos with families. When I drove up to the area where I was meeting my clients, whom I've never met before, in every direction I looked sessions were taking place all around the park. Then, I saw this gorgeous couple, with two teens, standing by the barn, all coordinated in black and red, with the most adorable, fluffy dog I've ever seen. I said a prayer "Oh, please God, let them be mine!"

Thank you Lord for an answered prayer because they were MINE! What a gorgeous bunch! Elizabeth with her two children Christopher and Samantha love to get their holiday photos taken each year. Last year, her boyfriend Mark was deployed, so he got to join in on the fun, as well as their doodle - Gauge. That furry ball of goodness was so well behaved and the perfect prop! Enjoy a few of the images captured during our session!

Love overflows

And joy never ends

In a home that's blessed

with family and friends

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