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Leigh - Snowy Day

Research has shown that "red hair" occurs naturally in only two percent of the human population. Red heads are modernly referred to as "gingers". There are many theories as to where the term ginger came from such as the cookie 'ginger snaps', referring to the fiery temper of a red head snapping when she's angry. Some say it was a term that dates back from the sixties, referring to the unique and sexy red head, Ginger, from the tv series Gilligans Island. The bottom line, no matter where the term comes from, red heads are a beautiful genetic mutation. When you encounter one, its basically the same thing as spotting a unicorn!

Leigh is a stunning, natural beauty. She's super sweet, tall and her beautiful long red hair is mesmerizing! After a recent snowfall, we met up in an exotic place (my backyard!) to capture the beauty of that amazing hair. You can't get that color from a box!

She would make a perfect mermaid. Hmmmm, great idea! Stay tuned for more images of this vibrant vixen!

My hair color can be found in rainbows!

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