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Dallas & Jessica - Engagement Session

Dallas and Jessica met in college, while attending Immaculata University. Living right across the hall from each other, little did these two know sparks were about to fly! A college romance soon blossomed into love.

Dallas and Jessica have been inseparable ever since, especially now they are living together. It made it near impossible for Dallas to come up with a plan to propose to Jessica without her finding out! One afternoon, while Jessica was sick in bed, Dallas came up with an idea. Totally unprepared, yet very spontaneous, Dallas bought an Auntie Anne's pretzel, a treat for Jessica, hoping to cheer her up. Dallas decided to hide the ring in the knot of the pretzel, so when Jessica opened the bag...surprise! A very creative, low key and intimate proposal!

Over the past few months I have gotten to know this amazing couple. Dallas and Jessica are a beautiful match, so in love, very sweet and kind. We had a wonderful morning together capturing their engagement photos. Jessica wanted a woodsy, snowy theme so we met at Alapocas Run State Park in Newark, Delaware, after yesterdays unexpected snowfall.

Here are just a few of the incredible images captured of these lovebirds!

Super excited for their January 2020 wedding

Wishing Dallas and Jessica nothing but a happy & healthy future together!

Just like snowflakes, when things stick together, it can be magical!

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