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Dallas & Allie Engagement Session

When they're not cuddling on the sofa watching their favorite Netflix shows like "True Crimes", Allie and Dallas love being outdoors with their perfect little pooches, two lovely dogs they consider as their "fur children with paws". Diesel, a fun and adventurous chocolate lab was their first doggie pal. Back in the fall, the couple adopted their second dog from North Carolina. He was relocated to Delaware during Hurricane Florence so the shelters could make room for the lost and found pups found after the storm. Allie and Dallas named this rescued, pointer mix "Banks" after the location he came from, Outer Banks, North Carolina. Diesel is very happy to have a brother! ​The pups get along great and play nicely together.

With a name like Dallas, can you guess where he's from? If you guessed Texas, you're correct! (hehe!) So what brings together a country lovin', Dallas Cowboy fan and a beautiful blonde from Salisbury, Maryland? The Airforce of course! This young, attractive military couple have been together for 8 years. Their love can stand the test of time. Dallas is getting ready to deploy, but will soon return for their beautiful, rustic barn wedding in August 2019.

An engagement session is meant to show-case you and your soon-to-be, as well as anything special in your life you may want to include. For Allie & Dallas that's definitely their furry family Diesel & Banks! Here are some of the incredible images we captured during our session together.

Love is wet noses, sloppy kisses, and wagging tails!

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