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Laysha & Aramis - Engagement Session

"Babe, it's you and me against the world", a saying Laysha & Aramis have been using since they starting dating 3 years ago. Each from different countries, they both have faced and overcome many obstacles. One thing for sure they know their love and bond for each other is strong.

Laysha and Aramis met in high school, and share a large group of friends. Within time, the group of friends decreased, the attraction for each other grew, and the couple found themselves spending more time alone with each other. Their favorite things to do Laysha admits, is relaxing, watching movies, and eating! No kidding? Me too!

Showing their dedication to each other, this dynamic duo have matching tattoos that say "King" and "Queen" as well as the date they met, inked in roman numerals IV IV XVI, meaning 4/4/16.

Fast forward 3 years later, this beautiful couple are stronger than ever, recently got engaged over the holidays and are currently planning their spring wedding for 4/4/20, that meaningful date in their history together.

For Laysha & Aramis' engagement session, we met in the historical district of Downtown Dover, Delaware for some romantic images to celebrate this amazing time of their lives.

Fox Photography is excited to be part of this incredible journey with this lovely pair!

Any home can be a Castle when the King and Queen are in Love!

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