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The McLaughlin Wedding

Over 11 years ago, I hired my pretty little neighbor, a middle school girl at the time, to dog sit my pets while my family and I would go out of town. Kelly is an animal lover, she absolutely loves dogs! She chooses the vegan lifestyle because her love for animals is so intense she can't bear the thought of their abuse. I used to look out my front window seeing Kelly doing cart wheels and back flips practicing for cheerleading. Kelly has always been a fashionista, always full of style and sass. With her birthday close to Halloween, year after year she had a tradition of going to Universal Halloween Horror Nights with her mother and closest friends. I remember when Kelly first started dating Zack, and what a gorgeous pair they made.Through those years I got to watch that wonderful girl, blossom into a strong, vibrant young woman and do many amazing things!

From the engagement session in New York City, to the bridal shower in New Jersey, to the amazing wedding day in St Augustine, Florida it has been an incredible journey being part of this wonderful time in their lives. Wishing Zack and Kelly much love and many blessings in their future together! Excited to be part of the new chapters!

In you, I have found the love of my life and my closest, truest friend

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