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Ana & Jeremy - Rittenhouse Square

Ana & Jeremy are the type of couple that make you feel energized when you're around them. Their genuine connection and energy are profound. They can talk for hours, both being fluent in French as well as English, they never run out of things to talk about. Ana met Jeremy just a few weeks after she moved to Philadelphia at a French conversation group. Jeremy was out for a walk that day and saw Ana through a window. Feeling an instant attraction he decided to go in and meet her. (It sounds like a romantic french movie scene!) One thing led to another and the couple wound up talking for 7 hours. They have been inseparable ever since!

This amazing couple both work for the University of Pennsylvania. Their buildings are not far from each other on campus and they make time to meet for lunch or coffee. Both are avid travelers and have made a tradition to take a road trip every year to celebrate Ana's birthday. Ana & Jeremy have already traveled to Montreal, Shenandoah National Park and Boston. This year they are planning on traveling to Toronto, Canada.

Of course, no home would be complete without a little fur baby. Last fall, Ana & Jeremy adopted a cat from the shelter. Her name is Buffy and they adore her! Recently they have started taking Buffy out on a leash for short walks or out on their deck, spending lazy afternoons with her outside.

A thunderstorm moved in quick prior to our shoot. We ducked into a quaint little coffee shop to dodge the storm. As fast as it moved in the storm passed quickly, leaving the city with a freshness and refreshing glow. We were able to capture some amazing images during our stroll through Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia. Looking forward to their August wedding at the beautiful historical Colonial Dames Society.

Mon coeur t'appartient

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