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Hutton & Jackie - Engagement Session

Allaire State Park was the perfect setting to capture the romance of Hutton and Jackie with a beautiful stream surrounded by flourishing greenery, a historical iron works village, and antique steam trains. These are just a few of the amazing images we captured during our time at this enchanting environment.

Hutton is a professional sports editor and Jackie is a professional dancer. Both met on orientation day, their first day of college, at DeSales University in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Currently Hutton lives and works in New Jersey, while Jackie lives in Manhattan, teaching dance classes and attending auditions. Their true comfort zone is the beach, and they are excited to have their wedding at the Jersey Shore in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

These star struck lovers both are from large, crazy, Irish Catholic families who are super excited to celebrate their "Big Day" in October 2020. I'm thrilled to be working with such an incredible couple during this amazing time of their lives!

Dance with your heart

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